Back Pain

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in there life, however, it can be very debilitating and painful for a while.

Most back pain is not serious and will settle within a few weeks or months.

Sciatica is a general term to refer to pain anywhere in leg that is coming from the back, it may be accompanied with pins and needles, numbness or weakness. You may not even feel the pain in the back, just the leg!


The best treatment for low back pain is to stay active. Try some simple exercises as shown by your therapist, and try not to sit for too long. 

You can see either our Physiotherapist or Osteopath for an assessment, treatment and diagnosis of lower back pain. If the low back pain is more tension and posture related you can also see our Soft Tissue Therapist.

Treatments are specific to your assessment and may include:


Soft Tissue work



Posture Advice


Helping to understand pain

As part of the treatment package your therapist may prescribe you exercises based on the movement directions and ranges that your back needs to get better. But in the meantime here are some simple exercises to try: 

Pulling your knees up to your chest

Lie on you back with your knees bent, lift one leg up into chest and stretch the hip and lower back. Hold for a few seconds and lower gently. Repeat with the other leg.

Rolling your knees from side to side

Lie on your back with your knees bent and gently 'roll' your knees to one side then the other gently rotating the lower back.